Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This happened  back about 1974 in Louisiana on the west bank in New Orleans; respectfully Harvey section on town;
I was driving on the Westbank expressway near the Schegaman shopping center, looking for a drug store that
i knew of
but could no locate. I pulled into a parking space near the building and went into a shoe store.
of course this was before cell phones and gps units.
I do not recall the name of the store which has no bearing on this tale.
I was dressed in a sports shirt and blue jeans wearing cowboy boots which I wore daily when i was not working.
I worked in the Gulf of Mexico then in the oilfield on service and supply boats, that regularly departed from this area.
Any way I needed information from someone so i was going to ask inside one of the many stores that were here.
 I Walked into the store and up to a girl behind a counter, but before i could say a word she looked at me,
turned red in the face and exclaimed, "Oh my God!," and ran (walked very fast to the back of the store.
Soon another clerk came to my rescue and told me where the store i was seeking was located.
I enquired of the original girl's welfare, they said she was fine. I can only imagine what had come over her.
She had in the older language, swooned, or wet her pants.
I guess the better way to explain it would be to tell about another incident that happened about the same
 time period;
Kenny Rodgers did a show at the super dome in New Orleans that i attended. I was unaccompanied not that it mattered
in the end. The show was fantastic of course and i relly enjoyed it. It had a huge
female attendance that is the substance of this story. At half time when he took a break i went to the men's room!!!!
 note the dome has twice as many men rooms as female rooms because men drink more beer. So i walked toward them i
could not find any at first because they were women lined up at all of them? Not all but i had to walk a long ways to
find one. I was makieng idle conversation with a lady saying,"This is unusual, normally this is always men lined up
out here, tonight it is all ladies? Why is that?" she looked at me like i was stupid and said, "if you do not know
the reason I am not going to tell you!" so i Guess it was the same affliction,